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    Cooling Milk Tank

Our Service Area

Montaj ve Bakım

Installation and Maintenance

Our Milkman Company provides you with the best services at your disposal in the installation and maintenance of dairy production machinery. You can also get support from us for every installation and maintenance as well as training after the machines start up.

Teknik Servis

Technical Assistance

You can have all our technical supports. Our elements give you immediate answers to your suggestions. You can also have detailed information about our products as well as our company by sending an email for calling.

Teknik Servis

After Sales Support

As a Milkman Makina, we trust our products, so we accompany our customers not only after the delivery of the product, but also after the installation and start-up of the machines.

Teknik Servis

Potential customers

Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Sudan, Algeria, Greece, Niger, TRNC, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Germany and France