Cheddar Cheese Unit

Kashar Process Tank

Milk in Kaşar Process tank is heated up to the fermentation temperature and fermented in this tank

The Screening Drum

It is a rotating perforated drum used to filter the curd formed in the process.

Curd Filter Boat

It is a boat with a strainer used for draining.

Juicy Boiling Machine

Kasar Water Boiling Machine performs the kneading process by cooking the curd.

Dry Boiling Machine

In the Closed Type Kashar Dry Boiling machine, the curd in an oval boiler is kneaded by being heated by the steam circulating around the boiler.


It is used for transferring cooked cheddar curd to Cheddar Gramming Machine.

Cheddar Weight

In dry type boiling and 1000 kg water boiling kneading machines, the weighting is done by this machine.

Kashar Carrying Trolley

It is used for resting and transferring after cheese.

Curd Joinery

The curd needs to be chopped before boiling. Thanks to this machine, it is cut and boiled.

Cheddar Molds

Boiled and grated cheddar cheese is put into the molds and shaped.