Our Products

Fermentation vessel

White cheese is produced in the boat. White cheese is fermented on this boat, the crushing is broken, the Cendere gland and the pulleys in the sides are filtered through

Cooling Tank

They are used to cool the ice cream mixture up to +4°С.

Milk Pump

Used to transfer milk. Made of AISI 304 material suitable for food.

Yogurt Milk Filling Machine

Precision filling machine which can be controlled by PLC and touch screen with electromagnetic flowmater support.

Milk Collection

It manufactures all kinds of milk storage tanks and tankers according to customer needs and product types.

Milk Standardization Unit

Optionally in 250 lt to 2000 lt capacities; It is manufactured with steam, cooker or electric cooking.

Yogurt and Buttermilk Units

Milkman Milk filling machine is supported with electromagnetic flowmater, which is configured with powerful MİLKMAN MAKİNA pumps with double, triple and quad models ...

Halloumi Cheese Production Line

All equipment required in the halloumi cheese process is calculated and produced according to the capacity you plan to produce.

Cream Cheese Production Line

In this unit, all analogue cheeses, cream cheeses, chocolate sauces, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, special cake sauces, ice creams, ice cream musks, hummus etc. products are prepared.

Stainless Milk and Steam Installations