Milk Collection

Milk Transport Tank

MİLKMAN MAKİNA designs and manufactures transport tanks and tankers suitable for all kinds of liquid food, according to customer requests and product types.

Milk Cooling Tank

2 milking cooling tanks produced in the capacity of 250 lt to 6000 lt at MİLKMAN MAKİNA provide the opportunity to cool the milk from 35 ° C to 4 ° C under 3 hours under 32oC environmental conditions.

Milk Storage Tank

It is produced in accordance with liquid products such as milk, fruit juice, olive oil, wort, glucose, and insulated, single wall and heating & cooled products in 1000 lt and 25.000 lt capacities.

Milk Reception Boat

Open or closed type milk intake tanks in 600 lt to 2000 lt capacities.


It is made of 304 L quality stainless steel.