Milk Standardization Unit

Milk Cooking Boiler

Optionally in 250 lt to 2000 lt capacities; It is manufactured with steam, cooker or electric cooking.

Milk Counter

Counter 5 ton / h to 50 ton / h capacity electro magnetic flowmeter system touch screen plc system turkish and desired language operating system printer

Cream & Cleaning Seperator

Cleaning Seperator: Somatic cells, blood clots, leukocytes, some microorganisms, bacteria-rich protein pellets and other pollution factors that cannot

Pasteurization Unit

Il détruit les éléments physiques et biochimiques (vitamines et diastases) des bactéries en chauffant le lait sans les perturber autant que possible.

Deoderizer (Odor Removal)

It extracts unwanted odors in milk from the column aroma structure with a strong vacuum technique and gets more delicious product.


Homogenizers are designed to break down and homogenize particles (particles, fats and proteins) in food products.

Milk Powder Mixer

It is a mixer used to add milk powder to milk or water. It is used to obtain milk by adding milk powder to water, especially in places where milk is not available

Tubular Pasteurization

A pasteurizer is a machine in which a series of heating and cooling processes are applied to purify microorganisms from fluid and semi-fluid food products.